lake life.

Going to the lake is one of my favourite summer things.  My family has been going to Clear Lake for most of my life and I love it, we've made tons of family friends who have also been going every year for the past 13 or so years and it's neat to see them again every summer!

We stay in this a little cottage suite in this tiny old motel with wood paneling, that is super tacky.  One of the units has a woven panda rug on the wall and the tables are faux wood.  It's so bad it's endearing. I love it.  My aunt and little cousins come now which is super fun and gives me an excuse to do crafts and go to the park all day!

The little town that we stay in is called Wasagaming and it has a lovely log cabin theatre and so many cute shops, all right on the lake!  Here are some of my favourite shots from our trip in early July, the fireworks are from Canada Day!
on the way there we stopped to visit my grandma in portage, and then I made my dad stop so I could run through a canola field.
scrases is an old general store that has now been converted to an awesome cafe, a clothing store, candy shop and sweet little jewelery store!
Yep, that's my family, group tie dye and all.  We are the coolest.  This would only happen at the lake.

Have a lovely week! xo, T.

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  1. Amazing fireworks photos darling! If architecture doesn't work out, might I suggest photography?

    Hugs, Kisses, Love, Misses! xox