d.i.y. lace printed fabric.

I have been loving this lace-printed coffee table here for the last couple of months, but since I am currently not in very great need for a coffee table I have trying to think up new ways to use this technique.  I have been wanting to experiment with more fabric printing lately so I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to try out something new!  I really love how the fabric turned out, the lace pattern transferred surprisingly well, the lace pattern is the clearest when the light filters through it [image above]  and it is a bit more muted when viewed in the shade [last image.]

I'm excited to use my newly printed fabric in a new little sewing project, so check back next monday to see a new d.i.y. to make something sweet with your lace-printed fabric too!
things you need:
_lace fabric or doilies.
_solid coloured cotton fabric.
_a spray bottle.
_contrasting coloured fabric paint.  I used the multi-purpose martha stewart craft paint in lake fog, satin finish.
1_cover your work surface, I used an unfolded garbage bag to cover my kitchen table and protect it from being covered in fabric paint! Place your ironed, unfolded cotton on top, taping down the corners with duct tape to keep it from moving around.  Place the lace on top, again taping the corners while pulling the lace taunt.  I used a metre of cotton and a metre of lace.
2_ fill your spray bottle with the entire bottle of fabric paint and add enough water to make the paint liquidy.  Do a few test sprays, you don't want it to be so watery that barely any paint is being misted, but you also want enough water to keep the paint from spraying heavy and splotchy.
3_start spraying your fabric.  Try and spray directly downwards, about 10 cm away from the surface, to keep the paint from spraying at an angle and bleeding under the lace.
4_continue spraying until the desired fabric surface is covered.  I ended up spraying about half a metre of fabric.  You could also experiment with spraying the lace in pieces, printing just a few random bunches of flowers instead of spraying in a solid line!  This is a fun time to experiment with all the different patterns you can get!  Let the paint dry for about an hour before using.  Your lace can be saved and re-used for more stencil projects!
I really like how the lace print turned out, I didn't really know what to expect and I really like how subtle and soft it is under normal light and how the pattern comes out really strongly when light filters through.  I can't wait to make it into another sweet little project, so don't forget to check back next monday!

p.s. - today is my 50th blog post! It feels rather nice to have made it past 10!  xo. T.

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