tiny buildings make me the happiest.

If you're curious as to why you haven't see me since September, here's a little peek. 

It's a tiny coffee shop for our four storey "city", that is all about registering the shift of light and making people aware of the the vast colour range contained within sunlight.  It connects to a larger observatory/library within the city that creates a space for individuals to observe and experience the cloud and atmospheric conditions of the urban city.  The library has all their weather charts.

It's just a little sketch model, but I love imagining into tiny models.  They're super fast and instantly create a small little real world.  And you get to put tiny people in them.  This is a little mini light study of how the sunshine would illuminate the space from east to west throughout the day.  xo.


As I am writing this it's 11:59 p.m.  Actually.  So Happy Halloween, yay! .....and welcome November!

I have no idea where October went.  Somewhere involving lots of pink foam, proscenium designs and questionable structural drawings.

Anyways, I love halloween.  I'm not sure what child didn't like mass amounts of free candy and running crazily down every dark street in their neighbourhood, but I thought it was great.  However, I was never very creative with costumes.  I was a cow once, a spice girl and queen amidala (sp??) but generally I leaned towards princesses, fairies and butterflies.  I have so many princess costumes.

This year I decided I wanted to make my own non-princess costume.  It was the best craft evening.  Regardless of whatever any particular people happen to say, I think one can be a pretty adorable bird without wings...its all about pretty things anyways and I thought my costume was lovely, if not anatomically correct.  Also, its much easier to dance in a dress...and without a beak.

Of course, I was inspired by this.  Typical.  Although I like mine better! 

Oh.  and remember beyblades??  My six year old cousins adore them and I spent a good chunk of saturday afternoon "battling" them.  Needless to say I won almost every time.  and I also now have gigantic cut on my hand, those things are intense.  xo!