As I am writing this it's 11:59 p.m.  Actually.  So Happy Halloween, yay! .....and welcome November!

I have no idea where October went.  Somewhere involving lots of pink foam, proscenium designs and questionable structural drawings.

Anyways, I love halloween.  I'm not sure what child didn't like mass amounts of free candy and running crazily down every dark street in their neighbourhood, but I thought it was great.  However, I was never very creative with costumes.  I was a cow once, a spice girl and queen amidala (sp??) but generally I leaned towards princesses, fairies and butterflies.  I have so many princess costumes.

This year I decided I wanted to make my own non-princess costume.  It was the best craft evening.  Regardless of whatever any particular people happen to say, I think one can be a pretty adorable bird without wings...its all about pretty things anyways and I thought my costume was lovely, if not anatomically correct.  Also, its much easier to dance in a dress...and without a beak.

Of course, I was inspired by this.  Typical.  Although I like mine better! 

Oh.  and remember beyblades??  My six year old cousins adore them and I spent a good chunk of saturday afternoon "battling" them.  Needless to say I won almost every time.  and I also now have gigantic cut on my hand, those things are intense.  xo!