french navy.

This has been my favourite song - and video - this entire week.  It has made ridiculously long articles on Italian Masques of the 1600's much happier and is a rather lovely background to figuring out colour theory.

It's like a little trip to Paris and Europe, complete with art nouveau metro stations, adorable outfits and little markets.  So happy - even though the song is perhaps somewhat sad, I still think its adorable, along with pretty much all of Camera Obscura's songs.  xo.

pumpkin picking adventures.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Two posts in a row, I am obviously very much procrastinating from school.  Especially attempting to decipher ridiculous old English books from the 1600's.  But anyways.


My love for them goes without saying.  One of my favourite parts of fall is going to Lockport to pick pumpkins.  We've gone driven out to Lockport to hang out at the Half Moon restaurant and look at old cars every thanksgiving weekend I can remember.  And for the last handful of years, pretty much ever since I began to really love baking, we've stopped at one of the little farms on the highway home to pick out our favourite pumpkins.  They lay them out in pretty little rows in their front yard and you get to meander around and pick the one you love, there are so many kinds!  It used to be a rather small operation, but it appears the secret is out because the highway was lined with cars when we arrived!

So much fun!

and yes, they have a giant cat made out of hay bales in their front yard.

Oh, and these are the monster cupcakes my mum made with my cousins yesterday to keep them amused for thanksgiving.  So much sugar.  So much fun. xo.

hearts and fall love.

It's been awhile.  I'm sorry.

Unlike last time I posted, when I only wished it was fall, it is actually fall for real now.  Which means multiple lovely things; like wearing tights and boots and colourful leaves...and that school has started.  Once again I have no life.

But it's been rather wonderful, although it has been rather crazy and now that interm reviews are over, (yay!) I decided that I finally deserved a little break to do something fun, non-structural and incredibly frivolous!

I have been rather obsessed with Elsie's blog at A Beautiful Mess lately.  I love everything about her and her blog, her clothes, her craft projects, her store, her super great tattoos.  I somewhat want her life.  Anyways, all her adorable little projects and brightly coloured outfits inspired me to do something wonderful and lovely with my little bit of free time this week and so this is what resulted!

I had seen little projects for painted tights and jeans before so I thought I would give it a go and see what happened. 

I rather adore them. 

Everyone in my household is incredibly confused as to why I would want hearts on my tights, but they make me the happiest!

So if you happen to also love hearts, craft projects, frivolous things and confusing everyone around you with your choice in outfits, here you go!  Also, we should probably be best friends.

1.  cut out a little template out of card stock, don't make it too big since it will stretch out.   When my tights were lying flat the heart had about 1/2 inch extra fabric on either side and it was the perfect size!   I picked a heart but you could pick anything!

2.  while wearing your tights make a mark in pencil roughly where you want your hearts to be.  I marked off just below the knee and at the ankle.

3.  Trace your template to your heart's desire!  I traced three on each leg.

4.  paint in all your little hearts with fabric paint.  I used a crimson red, flat, flexible fabric paint.  Make sure you put a thin piece of cardboard between the layers of fabric in the tights so that it doesn't bleed through.  I used the piece of cardboard that came in my tights as a template to cut a second piece!

5.  let the paint dry according to manufacturer's directions, mine had to dry for four hours.

6.  your super sweet tights are done, yay!

I'm super happy with how they turned out!  Some white shows through when you wear them because the hearts stretch out, but I'm okay with that.  I like somewhat imperfect, worn things! 

I also got a chance to paint my nails yesterday, so very happy!  You have no idea how big of a deal it is to have this much free time.  Oh, and this is my favourite locket, my grandma "thrifted" it from the house next door before it got condemned.  I love my family.

Happy fall!  Hopefully a few more pictures will appear on here in the next little bit before life is insane again, I still have some summery ones I want to show you.  xo.