pumpkin picking adventures.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Two posts in a row, I am obviously very much procrastinating from school.  Especially attempting to decipher ridiculous old English books from the 1600's.  But anyways.


My love for them goes without saying.  One of my favourite parts of fall is going to Lockport to pick pumpkins.  We've gone driven out to Lockport to hang out at the Half Moon restaurant and look at old cars every thanksgiving weekend I can remember.  And for the last handful of years, pretty much ever since I began to really love baking, we've stopped at one of the little farms on the highway home to pick out our favourite pumpkins.  They lay them out in pretty little rows in their front yard and you get to meander around and pick the one you love, there are so many kinds!  It used to be a rather small operation, but it appears the secret is out because the highway was lined with cars when we arrived!

So much fun!

and yes, they have a giant cat made out of hay bales in their front yard.

Oh, and these are the monster cupcakes my mum made with my cousins yesterday to keep them amused for thanksgiving.  So much sugar.  So much fun. xo.

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