d.i.y. glitter jars.

I hope your are all having a lovely beginning to our last week of July!  This weekend was wonderful, super warm, a little thunderstorm and best of all, a day spent with my lovely cousin Sarah!  It's been a while since we've had a hang out day together, so, after lunch at the Pancake House we spent the afternoon doing crafts.  These glitter jars we're super simple and fun to make.  And also rather messy, we were both super sparkly by the end...but we do tend to make enormous messes whenever we make things..so you may not end up quite as glittery!  The idea was taken from this post on A Beautiful Mess.
These jars are a super fun and easy craft, especially to do with kids! I think they turned out super sweet.  Sarah chose to fill hers with nailpolish and I filled mine with pens and markers!
Things you need:
_mason jars.
_white glue.
_paint brushes.
_glitter.  we used martha stewart.  we are martha stewart girls.
1_paint your design in glue onto the inside of your jar using a paintbrush.  if you plan on doing multiple colours like we did apply the glue for each colour individually so that the colours don't mix.
2_pour a little bit of glitter into the jar and swirl around until the glue is coated.  tap excess out onto a piece of paper.  use a dry, clean paintbrush to remove excess glitter on the rest of the jar.
3_let dry a little bit and then repeat the process for each colour or pattern! sarah chose stripes and dots and I chose messy polka dots. I think they turned out super cute!
I hope you have the sweetest week! xo, T.

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