d.i.y. beach glass necklaces.

One of my favourite parts of going to the beach during the summer is wandering up and down the water's edge looking for beach glass.  I've been collecting it with my mom since I was little and our collection has grown pretty large, I love all the different shapes and sizes and patterns that you can find.  From the more common whites and greens, to the soft white blues, lilacs, royal blues and soft yellows.  I love how the waves and sand wear down broken, discarded pieces of glass bottles and plates into something so beautiful!

Generally our beach glass sits in an old mason jar on our coffee table in our living room, but I finally decided that it was time to make something out of it!  I've wanted to make necklaces out of it for a while, but wanted to keep them simple without a ton of metal or wire wrapping.  Finally I found the right glue  - that's the benefit of four years of model building, you get a chance to try out a lot of different glues - and they turned out super pretty!
This glue works with pretty much any material so you could even make necklaces out of rocks, bits of pottery, or whatever else you've happened to find!
Things you need:
_beach glass
_weldbond glue (or any glue that will bond fabric to glass,  I liked this the best though!)
_twine, this one is cotton.
_beads, bits of fabric, or anything else you want to use to embellish your necklaces.
1_choose your pieces of glass! I picked different sizes, colours and textures, and a few rocks and pottery pieces as well.
2_decide which side of your glass will be the back and apply a line of glue horizontally close to the top.  following the manufacturer's instructions, let glue sit for 2-3 minutes until tacky.
3_cut a piece of twine large enough to slip over your head, plus some extra for knot tying and wrapping. place the centre of the twine along the length of glue, wrapping the loose ends around once or twice so that they both meet in the middle of the back.  place another dot of glue at the top and secure the twine so that it will hang straight down.  Gently press the twine into the glue and let dry for 24 hours according to manufacturer's instructions.  The glue dries clear so don't worry if your gluing isn't perfect.
4_experiment with different ways of wrapping your twine around!  try and keep your gluing to just the back side.
5_after drying for 24 hours your necklaces are cured and ready to go! embellish with beads or bits of fabric tied around the twine.  secure the loose ends with a double knot and your necklaces are ready to go!
This was a super fun, quick, simple little weekend evening project and I loved how they turned out! I made six necklaces or varying lengths and I'm excited for the chance to wear them in different combinations! have a happy week! xo, T.

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