i miss this:. rio de janerio, brazil.

So, after baking that mango coconut cake last week (see here) I realized two things: that I missed Brazil and that I hadn't really gone through any of my pictures. This is an attempt to fix that. While in Brazil for three weeks in December and January our group visited rio, santos and sao paolo. It was crazy to all of a sudden be in a super warm, super dense urban environment, but I loved it. It was so colourful, so busy, filled with samba music and delicious mangos.
I hope you enjoyed this little adventure to Rio! Have a delightful weekend! xo, T.


  1. I definitely have that red purse (woop woop) but what I want even more is a trip to Brazil. It looks so incredible! I especially love that photo overlooking Rio. What a stunner!

  2. Hi Annabelle thanks for stopping by! It was definitely an amazing trip, if you ever have the chance to go, do it! Especially if you get the chance to be in Rio for New Year's eve, it's just crazy!