d.i.y. adventures in birch bark.

This past weekend I went on a short camping trip with my dad out to West Hawk Lake in the Whiteshell.  We usually try and get out there at least once a summer and it's really nice to be outside and on the water.  Fall seems to come so much faster out there, all the poplar trees were already turning yellow and every morning when I woke up it smelled clean and crisp like October mornings.

I love being out in the Whiteshell because of all the trees, going for walks in the forest/ Manitoba escarpment and especially collecting all the birch bark that has started to peel off the tree trunks - on it's own of course!  I have always loved birch bark.  It's a little weird.  I think it's because of how papery and smooth it is.  I always imagined writing letters on it when I was little.

I found a few good pieces over the weekend and brought them home with the intent of doing....something....with them.  I didn't feel like just pinning them up on my wall, they needed something a little bit more...plus I really wanted to try writing on it.  Turns out its a pretty good writing surface...and an even better material for embroidery!  The bark is more brittle than cloth but it's super soft and punctures easily with an embroidery needle.  I chose some words from one of my favourite She & Him songs and a few little green star flowers, just to try it it out.  It made me excited for all kinds of other embroidered bark projects, I think another camping trip is in order!
Have a happy rest of your week, I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a very great day! xo, T.

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