i miss this:. santos, brazil.

I few weeks ago I shared some of my photos from my trip to Rio de Janerio, Brazil.  The next stop on our trip was Santos, Brazil, a small port town that is Brazil's bigger exporter of coffee, sugar and orange juice.  This was our site for our studio project, and we spent a quick four days exploring the port and choosing locations for our individual projects, an area that is referred to fondly as "cracklandia." It was a little terrifying, run down, overgrown and enthralling all at once.  Here are some of my favourite moments.
In order to explore the port in greater detail we took a little boat tour of the estuary, it was rainy and misty and absolutely wonderful to see the variety of warehouses, massive ships and cargo cranes towering into the sky.
Ther was a cupcake shop across the street from our hostel.  My hair was not friends with the humidity/rain combo of the day.
Small catria boats take the people of Santos from the city across the esturary to a small neighbouring island.  The boats pass under the port through a series of locks before emerging into the open water.
I hope you enjoyed this little adventure to Santos with me! Have a wonderous weekend. xo, T.

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  1. ohh cup in cake. i had forgotten about that little place!