d.i.y. macrame belt.

Belts are one of my favourite accessories, I like how they make every outfit look even sweeter and add a little bit of unexpected colour or texture.  I've been really into a kind of beachy, hippie-ish look lately/ maybe forever and I felt that macrame would be a super quick and fitting technique to make a new little belt!

If you're my mom this will remind you of terrible 70's jute planters.  If you're me it probably reminds you of hemp girl guide bracelets.  And if you're younger than me you may have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.  But you will, soon.
This is a super simple little project that takes a little bit of time but is perfect to do while sitting outside in the sun or watching a movie, it doesn't take a ton of concentration.
_other supplies I decided I needed after  took this photo: ribbon and glass beads.
1_cut four lengths of twine roughly three times the width of your waist.  if you want your belt to wrap around twice, double the length.
2_tie the four threads at the top with a knot and secure to your work surface with a bit of tape.  starting with the far left thread cross it over the two middle threads so that it looks like a "4."
3_then tuck the thread under the middle two threads and over the rest of the far left thread, pulling on the end until the knot tightens.  don't pull it extremely tight otherwise the knot will look strange and won't lie flat.  this is a d knot.
4_repeat the mirrored version with the far right thread, then the far left thread, etc., alternating sides so that this pattern is formed.  you may need to press it down lightly with your finger as you go to keep it from twisting/
5_ if you would like to add some beads slip them onto any of the threads and then continue knotting as normal. (left, right or the two centre threads together.)
6_once you have reached your desired length tie the threads off and trim.  i made mine long enough to wrap around my waist once.
7_cut two lengths of ribbon long enough to tie in a bow.  i made mine long enough to start in the back and then wrap around my waist so that I could have the bow in the front. 
8_place a bit of hot glue on one knotted end and wrap one end of the ribbon around it, making sure it's secure.  repeat for the other side. 

and there you go, you're very own sweet little knotted belt, perfect for all your summery dresses and fall cardigans! (yes, I'm already thinking about fall!)  I think a shorter version with smaller/no beads would also make a very sweet headband.
happy week! xo, T.

ps. this weekend marked the one year birthday of the most delightful adventure! This year has completely flown by and this blog has been such a fun little project, thank you to all my lovely readers!

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