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above: African Animals flat letterpress card set. image from here.
below: Woodland Animals flat letterpress card set. image from here.
Happy friday!  I hope you have all been having the most wonderful week.  I leave for the lake today for a few days and I could not be more excited.  This week's paper love comes from Paper Ink Press, a letterpress and paper studio from Palisade, Colorado, run by a lovely lady named Melissa.

All of her letterpress cards are printed one at a time on her 1917 Platen printing press and then scored by hand with her early 1900's table top press.

As you already know from this post I adore letterpress. And her cards are no exception.  I especially love the different "animals" flat card sets.  The rhinoceros in the African Animals set and the hedgehog and squirrel in the Woodland Animals set are my particular favourites!  What could possibly be sweeter than a hedgehog letterpress block?!

I also love the simple but super sweet word cards, maybe it's because they all use brackets and I have a tendency to over use brackets?! I'm not sure, but I still think they are awesome!

If you would like to visit her shop you can see more of her cards here.  She is currently holding a spring cleaning sale and lots of wonderful prints are 50% off!
above: OMG folded letterpress card.  image from here.
below: THANKS folded letterpress card. image from here.
Have a lovely long weekend! I can't wait to share pictures of the lake! xo. T.

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  1. Hi Taylor. Thanks so much for the lovely post! It's wonderful to find people who love letterpress as much as I do. :D