paper love:. amy butler.

above: sunblooms stationery box by chronicle books.
below: sunblooms correspondence cards also by amy butler and chronicle books.
both images from here.

So after I posted "things i love friday" I realized that I really really love stationery. And paper. And note cards. Therefore the only reasonable thing to do was to dedicate one day a week to discovering new pretty paper! And that day is today! I love writing letters so so much, I like the pretty pens and handwriting, the feel of good quality paper, the pretty patterns and prints, the anticipation of getting mail, everything!

Amy Butler is one if my favourite designers. I first discovered her through her fabric design, and most of the dresses and skirts that I've sewn are made out of her colourful, pretty, whimsical, gorgeous prints! Luckily theses lovely patterns can now be found on stationery, journals and note cards. So far she has two collections, the first "sunblooms" line [above] which I own the stationery set from, and "lucky flowers" [below] whose note cards my mum got for her birthday. [I may have bought them for her partly so that I could steal one or two.] Both of them make me so happy to write letters.

All of Amy's lovely designs and patterns come out of her Art of the Midwest studio she runs with her husband. Currently her gorgeous patterns cover fabrics, stationery, rugs, wallpaper and extend into yarn, sewing patterns and books! If you want to look at more of her sweet fabrics you can visit her website here:
above: lucky flowers mix and match stationery set, by amy butler and chronicle books.
below: lucky flowers note card book, by amy butler and chronicle books.
both images from here.
I hope you have the most wonderful weekend! I can't wait to share more of my favourite stationery with you! xo.

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