coconut whole wheat brownies.

These lovely quinoa coconut brownies at food coma blog had been tempting me for a while, they looked so fudgey and delicious.  So I decided that the best possible after work adventure would be to make some!  However, my hunt to find quinoa in flour form failed a little bit so I replaced it with whole wheat and they were still super delicious and a little bit healthy! They remind me a lot of the cakes we had in Brazil, having coconut and chocolate cake for breakfast everyday.
Coconut whole wheat brownies.  adapted from food coma blog.
3/4 C. unbleached flour.
3/4 C. whole wheat flour.
2 tsp. baking powder.
1 C. butter.
8 oz. (1 C.) chopped, unsweetened baking chocolate.
1 1/2 C. sugar. (this is way less than the original recipe, so add a bit more if you like things sweet!)
1 tsp. vanilla extract.
5 eggs.
2/3 C. unsweetened, shredded coconut.

sift together flours and baking powder, set aside.  In a double boiler (bring a medium/small pot of water to boil then place a heat proof metal or glass bowl on top, large enough so it doesn't fall into the pot.  This allows the chocolate to melt gently without burning.) melt the chocolate and butter together in the bowl, over medium heat, until smooth.  mix into flour and add sugar and vanilla.  mix and then add eggs one at a time.  pour into a prepared 9 x13" baking pan and sprinkle with shredded coconut.  bake at 350 degrees (or 325 degrees if using a glass pan) for 25-30 minutes, or until a knife or toothpick comes out clean, with a few crumbs stuck to it.  let cool and cut.  store in the fridge to keep them cool and moist.

These are incredibly chocolately and delicious and even more amazing when you leave them in the fridge for a day!  I'm still curious about what these would taste like with quinoa flour, I'm going to hunt down some quinoa flour and try it out soon!  Let me know if you make it with quinoa!

 xo.  Have a lovely week!

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