paper love:. halfcat studio.

above: the entire set of Geometric Elements cards.
below left: detail of the water/winter card. below right: detail of the earth/summer card.
images from here.
Happy Friday!  Today I get to introduce you to one of my new-found paper loves: Halfcat Studio.  I discovered her lovey little shop after browsing through the paper goods section of Etsy one day.  Not only do I love her cards, especially the Geometric Elements set pictured here, but she's local!  The studio is run by Nicole Neufeld, out of her design studio here in Winnipeg and is the nicest person. She designs all of the cards and hand selects the paper for each one.  I absolutely love the slightly speckled, natural aesthetic of the milkweed paper that this set is printed on.

The Geometric Elements set is designed for each of the seasons/elements, winter, summer, spring and autumn.  I love the simple shapes and bold colours of each of the cards, especially the blues and purples in the winter/water design.

If you would like to see her more of her lovely work you can visit her Etsy shop here.
left: detail of the air/spring card.
right: detail of the fire/fall card.
images from here.
Thanks for letting me share another one of my paper loves, have a happy weekend! xo. T.

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