d.i.y vanity organization.

Okay. So, confession. I am the most contradictory person.  I absolutely hate mess/clutter/disorganization and think that organizing things is fun.  Most of the time.  Things generally stay clean for like, oh, a week after I re-organize and then slowly deteriorate into a complete disaster.  Which then drives me absolutely mad, but not always enough to make me clean again because there are 100 other more fun summer activities.  Hence, the need for this d.i.y. 

My vanity is generally the first thing to fall into shambles.  Everything starts out nicely lined up and neatly tucked into makeup bags but as soon as I have one rushed morning everything ends up everywhere and all hope is lost.  Forever.  This is what it looked like the other morning.  I almost didn't want to show you this picture, but I think it makes the final result look even prettier? yes?!
So cluttered.  Therefore, Saturday morning when I went for an adventure to Old House Revival with my mum I was determined that I was going to find something adorable that would organize my vanity disaster and be sweet enough that I would be actually motivated to keep it this way.
This is what I found: a sweet soft green Pyrex baking dish (that I can actually use to bake with at some point in the future!) and this tin baking pan, I think maybe it's a jello mold? Or maybe an extra fancy bundt pan? No idea, but its super cute!  I also found an empty jar in my room.  Which is completely normal.  I love jars.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize they are perfect for holding mascara/makeup brushes/lipgloss etc., but it works perfect!  I threw all my eye shadow into the baking pan and reorganized and sorted through some of the rest of my things.
Not only is it super cute and organized but the containers are open enough that I can rummage through everything frantically without having to carefully pack everything back into a makeup bag after.  So perfect!
My vanity is much happier now.  And so are my mornings.  xo.


  1. I give it two weeks Love.

  2. Love the jello mold idea!! (also all of your recipes......having recipe accumulation problems) I've found that nice mugs are awesome for the brushes and stuff, especially those ones that you adore but that are also irritatingly small for your coffee, so that you never end up drinking out of them. Likewise, useful for pencils / studio organization (which we don't need for now...ha!)
    -Rosie E.