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Now that summer is here it means more time to do all the other things I love, and more time to blog!  So, I decided it was time to introduce a new monthly feature: things i love friday - where I can share all the other non-craft/non-baking things I love.  First up is letterpress, something I have become incredibly enamoured with over the past few years.  It's my goal to finally be able to take a letterpress class in the fall.
top left: storybook invitation. bottom left: ribbons invitation. top right: amidst routes print. bottom right: critters card set.  All images copyright of Pearl & Marmalade.
One of the few letterpressed cards I own is from Pearl & Marmalade.  It's a happy birthday card with a hedgehodge drifting from a hot air balloon and I refuse to actually give it to anyone.  P&M is the lovely creation of Dani & Lee, friends and designers who create the most beautiful, whimsical letterpress cards, invitations and prints.  You can check them out here,  My favourite is the "amidst routes" print, I think I may be ordering that soon.
top left: root vegetables boxed note set. bottom left: happy birthday flower border card. top right: windmill thank you card. bottom right: you are so sweet! card. All images copyright of Dutch Door Press.
I am luck enough to also own a card from Dutch Door Press, that turquoise Happy Birthday one in fact!  Based out of the main floor of a Victorian San Francisco home, Dutch Door is run by Mara and Anna, letterpress printers/illustrators who teamed up in 2006.  They have a range of cards, totes, notebooks and wedding invitations.  Look at more of the loveliness here  The root vegetable card set is one of my favourites, I think I have a particular friend who may be getting that for her birthday!
top left: beard styles postcard. top left: el corazon loteria print. right: lady on horse postcard.  All images copyright Hammerpress .
Unfortunately I do not yet own any of these lovely prints by Kansas City-based Hammerpress.  They have a rather large selection of cards, prints, posters, shirts, postcards and calendars that can be purchased on their site.  I love the Victorian-esque/ retro/ quirky illustrations..their style varies between prints.  See more here

Thanks for letting me share my first "things i love" feature.  Happy weekend! xo.

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