swiss muesli.

This is what I thought about all day at work yesterday - swiss muesli.  These are the odd things that distract me on quiet, cloudy days at work. I'm pretty sure this is also all I talked about when I went out for dinner afterwards.  When I get excited about something I will pretty much talk about it non-stop, blindly assuming that everyone else around me is equally intrigued by new breakfast foods.

Although I have to admit that when I first skimmed through this recipe before I left for work I may have thought it was something entirely different... ie. something where you cooked down all the fruit and then let sit with the  rolled oats and THEN ate with yogurt the next morning.  Sounds amazing, now you know why I thought about it all day. 

But then, upon actually reading the recipe when I got home I got slightly frightened - there was no cooking involved.  Instead you mixed everything together WITH the yoghurt and left it in your fridge overnight.  It sounded kind of like mushy, cold oatmeal, not incredibly delicious. but I had thought/obsessed about it all day so I decided I was making it. And it was going to taste good.

I ate it this morning for breakfast.  It was delicious.  Life lesson: make it, even if it terrifies you slightly.

Swiss Muesli. modified slightly from Miss Dahl's Voluptous Delights by Sophie Dahl - my most favourite cookbook.

[her original recipe used apples and raspberries - but I have a random allergy to apples so I switched it to pears and blackberries, it was delicious, but I would also recommend trying the apple version.]

2 pears, grated.
the juice of half a lemon.
1 C. rolled oats.
1 C. plain yoghurt.
1/4 C. blackberries.
1/4 C. chopped nuts - I used pecans, she used walnuts.

grate the pears and pour the lemon juice over top.  Mix everything together.  Place in a jar and leave in your fridge overnight.

Eat the next morning with more yoghurt and berries in your sun porch.  yum!

Apparently this makes one serving...but I feel this is more like 3, so this will cover a few breakfasts and snacks!

Have a lovely day. xo.

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