d.i.y. phone case.

My favourite part about summer is having free time for crafts.  So after a rather fun day full of breakfast at Cora's and a lovely afternoon at the park with my favourite children it was time to make something pretty.

I've been needing a case for my iphone pretty much since the day I got it. But I didn't want an ugly one, so instead I just freaked out every time my keys came within four inches of my phone screen. Yeah.

Then I found this one on Design Sponge.  Simple and perfect and I actually had everything at home.

Actually that's a lie.  I didn't have any of these supplies at home accept for the phone.  But I did have vinyl, a rotary cutter and a sewing machine.

Instead of using leather and hand-stitching/gluing the case together I cut out the pattern in vinyl and stitched the edges with my machine, and then hand-stitched the centre and it worked perfectly.  Before I stitched the pieces together I decided it needed something more and stitched some fun stripes on the back!

And then I decided I needed another one. 

I think this stems from the fact that I had just been at the park all day and I NEEDED to have my phone with me and I was wearing a dress and I didn't have any pockets and I didn't want to bring my bag because going to the park is supposed to be carefree/on a whim without enormous purses and so I just freaked out that my phone was going to fall out of my one very small pocket while I was on the swings.

Clearly the answer to all of this was to make a phone case that was really a tiny purse.  And then put fringe on it because I secretly love fringe but don't actually own anything with fringe because I don't really know how to wear it appropriately...

And now I can take my phone/credit card/lipgloss/crucial life elements everywhere...even when frantically chasing six year olds.  Beautiful. I sound like a mom.

There isn't really any instructions for this d.i.y except it's fun to realize that you can make something your own/more functional by adding some fringe/straps/stripes.  With the second one I just cut out a triangle the same size as the open flap and then "fringed" it with a rotary cutter and sewed along the top through all layers - just don't sew through the side tabs!  The 1/2" strap is just sewn to the back and back-stitched like crazy because I had visions of the strap coming loose and my phone crashing the ground.  Paranoid.  Completely.

Anyways, this week off has been absolutely lovely and full of wonderful adventures.  Including a graduation dinner.  I can't believe I'm really done.  It smells like flowers outside.  Go outside.  Right now. xo.

Ps. did you notice I'm wearing pants? Literally the first time I've worn jeans since January. It's weird.


  1. I love how your answer to no pockets is 'make a purse'. Mine is 'put it in my bra'.

    Super cute, just like you!