d.i.y. fringe necklace.

Remember when I told you how much I love fringe? Well, now I made it into a necklace and I'm liking it.

The general inspiration for this came from one of my friends for had this amazing giant fringe necklace at folk fest last summer, I think hers was thread, it was awesome and I have secretly envied it all year.  Now I have my own.  I feel it's an appropriate amount of fringe for everyday, like not just for brief moments when I'm feeling extra hippie-ish. 

Things you need:

_template [I drew mine based off of a 5" square, the angled point starts 3" down on either side and ends in the middle - 2.5"]
_jump rings and clasp
_jewelry pliers [ needle nose, snips, and the flat ones that I can't remember the name for]
_rotary cutter
_ruler and cutting mat

1_cut out a piece of vinyl with your template.
2_ cut out two more pieces of vinyl, shortening the template by 1"each time.  It helps to measure them all on the template to begin with, cut the first piece, cut down the template, cut next piece, etc.
3_using your rotary cutter and ruler fringe each piece by cutting small strips, stopping 1/2" before the end.  It doesn't matter if they're an even width or completely straight, it moves around and the layers mix together once you're done!
4_pin all layers together, aligning the top edge.
5_stitch. you could use either a machine or hand stitch,.
6_attach jump rings to either end.  I trimmed down the back two edges and only put the ring through the front (shortest) piece.  I used a push pin to make the holes, it took a bit of poking to get the opened jump ring through.
7_decide how long you want your necklace to be my measuring the chain around your neck, then subtract the length of the fringed piece. cut in half and slip one end onto each opened jump ring, then close.  Attach the clasp to one end using a jump ring.
8_you're all done!

Have a lovely day! I've had the best time enjoying the sunshine, biking around and making pretty things! And May isn't even over yet! xo.

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