some [permanent] love.

Fun, not surprising fact.  I love lists.  A lot. Like, I make them for fun sometimes.  Lists for each day, month, life goals, craft projects, random things...this is totally normal right?

One thing I refuse to make a list for is New Years.  I hate pressure to make resolutions because I 100% guarantee I will do precisely none of them.  I don't know why, maybe its because everyone else is making them.  Maybe because it happens to be in the middle of a crazy school year.  Maybe because I can never think of anything because everything seems awesome and new in January.  But I still really like lists.  Probably because it involves pretty paper and pens.

This year I decided to make a birthday list.  A "21 before 22" list of things I wanted to do before I turn 22.  A list of fun, enjoyable things, like sewing a dress, learning letterpress and hanging out with my cousins, not like, lose 100 lbs before summer/learn french/ master the melodica before Christmas.  Simple things that I could actually have a chance of achieving in a small amount of time and make me happy.

So, two weeks ago I finally crossed one of these off.  I got a tattoo. 

Its beautiful and perfect and I love it.  It's a female leconte sparrow that lives in the prairies around here.  And I love the prairies.  And birds, they are something I have adored since I was a child.

So, here is a little peek, I'm sure there will be more pictures this summer!  It makes me happy every time I see it in the mirror!

I also really love the White Stripes.  Not as much as birds, but you should probably listen to this anyways, its been my favourite today.  Actually, it was really hard to pick a favourite, just listen to the whole 100 video youtube mix.

and this....

Have a lovely morning.  xo. [ps. two blog posts in one night.  whoa.]

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