little craft project: eyelets, pastels and things I cannot afford.

While in Brazil I happened to buy Vogue magazine.  An occurrence that happens generally only in airports where I all of a sudden feel a very great urge to catch up on fashion and pretend to be stylish.  I have no real explanation for this.

I read that a magazine approxiamately 100 times over the three weeks we were in Brazil.  It was the only English magazine any of us had.  It was well loved. 

Generally I only look at the pictures and never actually read anything.  Fashion magazines are supposed to be all about the pictures of gorgeous clothes anyways right?  Well, you can only look at pictures for so long.  I caved.  I read a article about Marc Jacobs.  I fell madly in love with his spring Louis Vuitton collection. Carousels.  Pastels.  Carnival music.  Eyelets.  Mint green.  Metallic.  Top buns. I have honestly watched the runway show so many times, as that is as close as I will ever get to wearing any of these magical, airy outfits.

watch this right now.  Its pure magic.

I came back from Brazil with magical images of eyelet lace, feathers and gauzy, light, pastel outfits in my mind.  Totally not South American.  Whatever.

So of course when I happened to go on an adventure to fabric land I was immediately drawn to the eyelet lace.  And then the pastel ribbon.  And then the metallic thread.

This was the result.  It isn't Louis Vuitton.  But it is eyelets and ribbon, which I will love forever.  It is also a T-shirt, which is kind of a big deal.  I now proudly own five shirts....all of which have been sewn/stamped/tye-dyed to perfection.  Plain things are boring anyways.

I hope the rest of your weekend is pure spring magic.  xo.

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