little craft project: earring frame.

So I've been meaning to post this one for a while, like  possibly two months, so here you finally go!  This is maybe my favourite recent craft project as it involves three of my favourite things: value village shopping, pretty paper and...power tools.  I like saws, they're fun.

Anyways, this project came about while I was attempting to decide what to get my mother for Christmas.  I wanted to find something that she would love, and that I could make.  In the like four days I had between school and Christmas.  So, when she listed a earring tree as one of her Christmas wishes I was like "I CAN TOTALLY MAKE THAT!" And then I happily set off on a search to find an appropriate DIY.  And failed.  They were all ugly.  Or involved wire, which, as soon as it gets bent, looks gross and drives me mad. 

Then I realized that having been practically raised by Martha Stewart I could probably think of something myself. 

This is the result.  It was super simple and I like that it involves nails (read: no bent wires with earrings hanging off of them, yay!) and pretty paper.  I also really love paper.

However, because I was having so much fun making this I didn't take any photos.  So, in place of that you get these awesome sketches.  Lucky you!

1.  Go on a super fun shopping trip to the thrift store.  After buying a new purse go look at the picture frames.  Find one that is wood.  Mine is roughly 10" x 12" and I chose a frame that had some depth to it so that I could prop it against a  mirror if I wanted.  It doesn't matter if your frame has a back, you'll replace it later anyways.

2.  Take out the super ugly German pastel picture of some terrifying child with her fluffy cat.

3.  Paint it.  Mine was just wood without any coating so I painted it with two coats of white primer.  If yours does have a coating or a layer of paint I suggest sanding it lightly first.

4.  Cut a piece of wood to fit the back of your frame.  Mine was 1/8" thick pine siding that was in our garage but it doesn't really matter as long as it is smoothish and easy enough to nail into.

5.  Pick some pretty paper and spray glue the sheet to your piece of wood.  trim the excess edges with a knife.

6.  Decide on a grid.  My nails were spaced 1.5" apart across and 3" apart high, but choose a grid that fits with width of your frame and allows for longer or wider earrings - you don't want them to get more tangled! Lightly draw out this grid in pencil and erase later.  Then go for it and have a fun time hammering things and making lots of noise in your basement and impressing your father with how straight you can hammer nails.  I used small finishing nails.

7.  Once your frame is dry screw your piece of wood into the back, one on each side should hold it tight enough. 

8.  You're done!  You can lean it on a shelf or attach a frame hanger on the back and mount it on the wall to display all your lovely little sparkly earrings!

Have a lovely week!  xo.

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  1. lucky me to receive such a beautiful gift!