put a bird on it.

multiple birds are always better than one.
Apparently it's time to move out of the kitchen and into the craft room!

This little craft project all began with a very lovely trip to Vancouver back in May.  While wandering around Granville Island me and my mother came across a little booth selling beautiful things from India.  Scarves, clothing, gorgeous printed textiles, and small little bowls of hand carved wooden stamps were scattered throughout the space.

My first impulse, whenever I see anything small, intricate and beautiful is that I want it.  Generally reason kicks in at some point and I can usually walk away without handfuls of lovely, entirely unnecessary things. 

Not this time.

The carved wood was absolutely gorgeous, and the fact that I have some, very limited, experience with fabric printing and painting was enough to convince me that I might actually use these.  And it wouldn't be the absolute worst thing if they sat on my shelf for a bit, they are so lovely....

little, lovely wooden bird and star stamps.
Like most projects I actually had very good intentions of doing something with these stamps, and brought a little bottle of purple ink home.  It just took a few months for those things to become something. 

So here we go!  The stamps were super fun to block print with, and I have a feeling many more things in my closet are going to have birds appearing on them.  After all, you didn't even notice this shirt until a put a bird on it...

very lovely parma violet and some practice runs.
stamp to your hearts content!

finished printing.

its finished!  the little bird is my favourite.
stars and birds.
All in all a very amusing little summer afternoon project.  Hopefully there will at least be a few more before school returns and life proceeds to go absolutely insane again!  xo.


  1. i love this photo!

  2. You obviously watch Portlandia