off to market...

pretty signs make me the happiest.  Some lovely kale is peeking around the corner.

Summer adventures are my favourite.  Last minute decisions.  Impulsive choices.  Doing things simply because you actually have the time to.  This would be one of those days.

After an impromtu delivery of cupcakes to some friends at the farmer's market last week fragments of discussions about selling cupcakes at the market had been swirling around. 

Such thoughts were initially flipped off, after all why in the world would someone want to buy something that that they could bake on their own or that I just usually gave them?

Well, after a week of having these things filtering through the back of my mind I decided to just go for, after all its summer and I love anything that involves pretty, lovely things.  Getting to make delightful signs and make a pretty display?  Yes and yes.  I could have really cared less if I actually sold anything, luckily I got to look at pretty things and make a little bit of a profit!

before they began to melt everywhere in the sun.

the absolute best hot pink cake stand ever.

all my favourite pretty things.  vintage tablecloth.  vintage johnsonware and petalware plates and probably the most floral money box at the market!

more little cupcakes, with mint from the community garden.

little sunlight angels.

just the happiest!

It was a beautiful way to spend a warm summery evening.  Will it happen again?  Likely not, but thats the best part of summer, anything really can happen on a whim.  Thanks Dayna for letting me share your table with your gorgeous vegetables!  xo.

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  1. beautiful photos, delicious looking cupcakes, did you save one for me?