my imagined adventure no.1: Paris.

the very lovely Paris. 
image from Le Fashionesque
I have always wanted to go to Paris.

Perhaps it the intrigue of the beautiful sounding language that I only partially mastered in school, or the delightful, careful little sweets in adorable french patisseries, or the easy glamour with which Parisians appear to hold themselves.  Whatever it is, its enthralled me from a very early age.

Hearing stories from my mother's travels through Europe her short visit in Paris was always my favourite.  The hotels she stayed at.  The things she saw.  The food she ate.  The clothes she bought.  I have always dreamed of experiencing all of that for myself.  However, since I appear to be much better at daydreaming than actual planning, today has become a bit of miniature adventure to Paris, in the form of gorgeous photos.

Nowhere near as good as an actual adventure through the small cafés, boutiques, parks, grande boulevards and narrow streets of the real city, it is delightful to look at nonetheless.

A friend's recent adventure to Paris brought back this lovely little photo and the buttons below and sparked more french daydreams.

Vintage French buttons sewn onto the loveliest little card.
The most beautiful French Macaroons from the infamous Ladurée.  I'm sure they taste like a dream.
image from Andrea
I feel like I have been told multiple times that I would love Paris.  I feel like this is quite possibly accurate.  However, it will still be awhile before this theory can be entirely proven. 

I have fallen in love with so many parts of Paris through photos that I cannot imagine what it will be like when I finally get to see it in person! 

I adore the architecture of old Paris, especially the whimsical, nature-inspired curves of art nouveau.  I can only wish that we paid as much attention to the detail of transit stops here as Hector Guimard did in 1900.
metro images taken on request, much to my great delight.
image by kaili brown.

the wonderful Châtelet metro station.
image by kaili brown.
 I would love to be visiting this boulangerie right now.

best facade ever.
image from Samuel So
whimsical French carousels.
image from Marie Guillaumet
My love of carousels goes without saying, much to the confusion of all my friends.

I wish I was sitting in this adorable little café right now.
image from Samuel So

image from Sarah Ross

So long for now Paris.  Perhaps I will see you soon.  xo.

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