d.i.y. necklace frame.

So, this January I moved into a lovely new house with a lovely roommate and lovely upstairs neighbours!  It's  pretty awesome and it's really fun getting to slowly decorate our little apartment.  One thing that is not so awesome is that I don't know where half my stuff is. Still.  Three months later.  This is mainly due to the fact that I didn't take half my furniture with me and therefore half my belongings are thrown into the shelves of my closet in a giant mess.  This is one attempt at fixing that.
Not only do these pair of frames keep all of my necklaces and bracelets untangled and visible (if I can't see it I won't wear it) but they also add a bit of sweetness to my empty walls!

You may rememeber a similar d.i.y from a while back when I made a earring frame as a Christmas present.  This is almost the exactly the same process; ugly frames, pretty paper and a piece of wood, except this time I used Krylon pistachio spray paint instead of primer to paint my frames and hooks from Home Depot instead of nails.  You can find more detailed instructions in my previous post here.
I can't wait to fill up my house with other sweet little projects! xo, T.


  1. Super cute! It's so funny because my mom just bought they exact same paint for a project.

    Also, awesome necklaces.
    Have an awesome day!


    1. Thanks Shelby!
      Haha that is funny, mint is definitely one of my favourite spring colours!
      - Taylor