21 before 22.

Why hello there.

It's been a while, a rather long while and I'm so sorry.  So much has happened over the past two months and there has been so many things I've wanted to share with you!  However my camera happened to meet an unfortunate series of events in which the strap of my bag broke and my camera went tumbling down a flight of stairs....and then decided that focusing properly is a very difficult task.  And a blog post without photos is absolutely boring so I've been waiting to get it fixed...and procrastinating and it still isn't fixed.  And then I remembered I had an iPhone that happened to take photos.  Nowhere near as good as an SLR but still far better than a page full of type, yes?

About a million exciting things have happened in the past few months like having a boyfriend, breaking up with said boyfriend, learning to knit, buying new bright red shoes, starting to go to the gym, only wearing red lipstick,getting into a car accident (I'm fine, lot's of phyiso but I'm good!), finding out I get to move into a lovely apartment with a lovely roomate in January (I can't wait to show you all photos when I move!), getting tickets to go see my twin (aka. Taylor Swift) in concert in June, going on insane shopping sprees for pretty house things...and turning 22.  That last one was really fun, and involved a lot of cupcakes and dancing.

It also meant the end of my "21 before 22" list.  It's a bit like new years resolutions except far more exciting and fun, I made a list of 21 lovely things I wanted to do in my year as a 21 year old and I actually managed to do most of them, these were the first 10 on my list:

I accomplished 7.5 of them.  Yes, 7.5.

1.  I found out in November I get to move into the main floor of a lovely house with hardwood floors with a lovely roommate in January and I am so excited. There will be a million house D.I.Y's and photos to come.

2.  Nope.  I just wasn't into sewing this year.  I don't know why, but I just wasn't feeling any big sewing projects.  But I have started knitting...so I count that as 0.25.

3.  Kind of.  I'm on the waiting list for the January class at martha street studio so maybe?  Totally worth another 0.25.
4.  I got it inked in March and I LOVE it.  It is currently hidden under 100 sweaters because it's freezing here, but it still makes me so happy.

5.  I graduated with my undergrad in Environmental Design, architecture focus in May.  It was a crazy four years but I loved it, we had a pantone themed grad party which was sweet, that's me and one of my studio friends, we have matching bows.

6.  It's terrible that I have to put visiting extended family on a list, but I wanted to make it a priority to see her more than just at holidays, we went for lunch this summer and it was fun.  She's awesome.
7.  My grandma is still the only one in my family capable of making dutch pancakes.  Still a goal.

8. Starting in August I've been going to moksha yoga every week, I love it, it is SO warm and that is the best.  It's also super nice to be as flexible as I was back when I used to dance.

9.  Yep.  I am incapable of buying flat shoes.  I promised myself I was going to buy kitten heels for my Christmas party because I'm already 4" taller than most people.  I came home with those red ones.  I give up.  At least I can walk in them.

10. I've found so many!  I've currently been listening to a ton of Alex Winston, but I've also fallen in love with Julia Holter.  Taylor Swift is maybe a guilty pleasure.  There, I said it.  We're practically twins anyways...
It feels so lovely to be back!  I can't wait to share the other half of my 21 before 22 list with you!
xo, T.


  1. the lovely roommate11 December 2012 at 12:58

    i'm so happy you made a list like this! i want to make more of these! i LOVE those heels, high five for yoga, and lemme know how letterpress goes!

  2. I love this almost as much as I love you! And get practicing on those heels, doesn't matter how tall you are, high heels are a girl's best friend!

    I am judging you on T. Swift, just saying.