21 before 22. part 2.

Happy Christmas Eve!  I hope you are all having a lovely monday, I definitely enjoyed getting to sleep in this morning.  Before my camera fills up with millions of Christmas photos I thought I should finish up my 21 before 22 list!  Here are the last 11!
11. Yep!  I made this fringe necklace earlier in the summer and I love it, I still wear it all the time.  It's even got repinned quite a bit on pintrest, fringe is the best!

12. Nope.  This is my goal EVERY SUMMER.  I really want to go on a sweet little picnic with pretty food and wine, it still hasn't happened.  Next summer.

13. Yes!  Sarah is my very lovely 10 year old cousin, and she is like my little sister.  She has me to thank for her hair twirling, love of hair bows and sass! We spent a lot of time at the pool this summer and went on a few very fun breakfast dates.  I love her.

14.  Nope.  Not even close.  I thought this would be a fun challenge since I own like 4 shirts.  Shirts are just not my thing.

15.  I think so!  I pretty much go for a walk every day, I can't stand being inside all the time, even when it's minus 40...

16.  I looked.  And looked.  And didn't find anything.  This is still a goal.
17.  This was one of the most fun challenges!  I started collecting vintage juice pitchers and it has slowly become an addiction, it seems that every time I go the thrift store there is a new cute one waiting for me.  So far I've kept it at 4, but I definitely want this collection to grow, they're just so sweet, and they make pretty vases!

18.  Kind of!  I made Focaccia bread earlier this year and it turned out pretty good.  My oven doesn't really like bread.  However, I'm moving out in a week and I have my fingers crossed that this new oven will like bread!

19. Yes!!!! That was the most exciting part of my August!

20.  Ummm.  Usually?  I like baked treats.  But I'm going to the gym now, so that kind of helps right?!

21.  I didn't end up cooking twice a month but I did more this year than I usually do.  I've been really into soup this year, I love soup. So much.

And now it's time to start a new 22 before 23 list!  I had so much fun crossing things off this list I can't wait to see what this next year as a 22 year old holds!

xo, T.

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