U.S of A.: minot, north dakota.

So, this past weekend I went on a road trip to dear old Minot, North Dakota.  While they did not have Super Target they did have an amazing candy store and super awesome vintage signs everywhere.  I love old signs, the colouring and lettering is just so great.  I realized after looking through these photos that I probably should have titled this post "Minot, N.D.: a study in signs,"  but, anyways there are a few photos of other things as well, namely the Scandinavian park, the antique store and the children's splash pad that I ran through.  I like water parks.  And of course the person I went to visit made up for the lack of Super Target, 100%. :)
That rainbow is why I love splash pads, they are magical.  And how often do rainbows actually end at someone? um, never.  Clearly it is a sign.  Minot, you are a sweet, odd little quiet town.  xo, T.

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  1. Thank you for the pictures. These are the first ones I have seen of Minot! Beautiful!