d.i.y. accordion photo book.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I like taking photos, a lot. And this blog gives me an excuse to share some of them!  However, most of them still end up stuck on my computer.  Which is why I really like photo books.  They are super quick and easy and a sweet little excuse to actually get photos printed! 

If you didn't know, I am the queen of folded books.   I'm pretty sure I made hundreds for lots of little kids last summer.  Out of all the kinds of books that I made that summer accordion books were my favourite.  They are quick to make, don't require binding, and can either be flipped through like a regular book or unfolded along a shelf or table to display all the images.
This one was made as a present for someone lovely in my life.  The final size of each page is 5" x 5.5" and the cardstock pages are taped together with lime green masking tape.  To form the pages I cut cardstock down to 5.5" x 10" rectangles, folded in half and then taped along the edges to join, making sure the folds in the cardstock in both pieces were facing the same way.  For more instructions on book making and binding see this post.  The images were edited and sized in photoshop and then printed on matte 4x6's and cut down to be 5" squares.  Crepe paper added a little bit of colour! 

Photo books are fun because they are like little mini scrapbooks, but way less intensive, and they can also double as really lovely cards.  Have fun filling yours with photos, labels, maps and bits of other delightful things! xo, T.

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