January has been an absolute whirlwind.

New years on the beach in Rio with 2 million people and David Guetta.  Two more weeks in Brazil.  Then coming home to a 60 degree temperature change and spending 14 hour days cutting out pieces from a large piece of foam.  But it's wondeful to be home....except for having to wear 12 layers everytime I leave the house.  I didn't miss that.

Brazil was amazing, the beach, the density, the little shops, the fruit juices, the crazy buildings with their intense ramps and weird, uneven staircases.  Being warm all the time, even when it rains.

I've begun to sort through my photos, but there are literally a 1000, so some serious editing is required.  However I've gone through a few.

One of my favourite parts of Brazil was being able to walk everywhere and look at things.  We walked so much, like all day, for eight hours.  And it was wonderful.  So much colour, so many neat buildings and neighbourhoods.  There is constantly something to look at.

The streets are filled with market stalls, little booths selling purses, watches and ipod cases, stands covered in belts and an assortment of objects.  The street in Brazil is an incredibly public space that is always used.  Bar stools and tables spill out onto the boulevard at night, security guards set up chairs on street corners and old men sit in lawn chairs outside shops and watch people.  If you look carefully enough you constantly encounter objects that people have placed on the street for later use, and no one moves them, its incredible.

My favourite objects were the chairs.  So many chairs everywhere, often unoccupied at the moment waiting for the specific time when their owner would come back to use them.  I loved it.

This first chair is my favourite.

There is something so wonderfully odd about finding furniture in use on the street.  xo.

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