Oh hey.  It's been a while, sorry about that. 

Life has been a little crazy with school: making cities out of sticks, building tiny structures for the tiniest of people, oh and planning for BRAZIL!!!! (I leave in a week and I'm pretty pysched.)

But anyways, if you haven't seen me since September this will give you a little insight into what I've been doing with my life for the last while.

Our site this term was a magically constructed, precariously balanced structure that I have a rather strong love-hate relationship with (generally leaning more towards the latter.)  The structure was then to evolve into a densely populated, vibrantly inhabited city through each of our interventions.  Starting with nothing, with no site constraints, light patterns, surrounding buildings, etc. was a little difficult for me, sunlight is what I genuinely love, and what has influenced much of my previous projects.

Eventually after much imagining and lots of litte sketches filled with people and trees I got into it and a small little building evolved. 

Sitting atop a mountainous landscape of trusses, 45 metres in the air is a small white observatory.  Constructed around the framing of specific viewpoints of the city it contains multiple rooms with small openings, slanted floors and oddly arranged windows which manipulate what one sees in each space and how they interact with that view. 

With carefully constructed spaces to view the harbour, the divide through the city, the commerical district and the parkland the building also begins to make one aware of the shifting sense of time, measured through the ever-changing light quality that enters through the openings. 

It is a space to sit and look and watch and be enthralled with the amazing quality of sunlight.....and possibly escape from the rest of the city for a while.

the little urban observatory.
view through one of the slits in the harbour room that forces ones gaze downwards to the boats below.
plan of all the white viewing spaces and the outdoor roof areas.

section of the softly slanting floor plane and openings of the harbour room.

section showing city room, centre space and parkland viewing room.

view into the "city."

xo.  Hopefully a few other things will appear on here before I leave!

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