d.i.y. chalkboard paint plant pots

It's gradually starting to feel like summer here.  It snowed three weeks ago, and by this point I think we've all just decided to bypass spring and go straight to summer!

One of my favourite parts of warmer weather is when the greenhouses open and all of a sudden my parent's yard is filled with colourful blooms and new little buds.  I love love love flowers.  However, I tend to be a horrible gardener...after three weeks I get distracted and I forget to weed/water.. and everything dies.  So this year I decided to start small and manageable with pots, I feel this will end far nicer.  They make my house so much prettier!

And to make things even more fun I decided to add some chalkboard paint, because chalkboard paint makes everything far more fantastic!
Things you need:
_chalkboard paint.  I used Rust-Oleum.
_terracotta pots.
_paint brush.  And if you're fanatical about straight lines, painter's tape.
What you do:
1.  draw out your shape on your pot with a pencil.  I decided to go with two hearts and a triangle.
2.  using the paintbrush (smaller is better) paint in your shape, starting with the outline and then painting your way inwards.  If you require straight edges I would recommend taping off your shape with painter's tape!
3.  finish painting in your shape, making sure your layer of paint is smooth and even.
4.  let your pots dry according to manufacturer's directions.  Mine called for a three day drying time.
5.  one dry, prime your chalkboard surface by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk across the surface and then wiping off with dry cloth.  This helps it to erase better.
And you're done!  Now you can make a pretty label for your new plant that you can redesign on a whim!
I think these would make the sweetest housewarming gift!  Is your house or yard starting to look like summer?  xo, T.


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  2. i am dying for chalkboard paint! i adore this sweet idea

    1. Chalkboard paint is absolutely one of my favourite things! I made a mini chalkboard necklace last year and it was so fun. Thanks for stopping by!