fall adventures:. pumpkin picking.

Every fall for as long as I can remember my family has driven out to Lockport on the thanksgiving weekend to eat at the Half Moon and pick out a few pumpkins from one of the family-run roadside stands along the way.  This year I requested that we go a week early so that I would have time to roast my sugar pumpkins and bake them into something delicious for thanksgiving!  Especially since this is the first thanksgiving in four years that I haven't had to spend at studio.  whoa.
This year we also stopped at Captain Kennedy's Tea House along the way, I have been literally going there since I was a baby.  That probably explains a lot.
It was the perfect Sunday fall afternoon, warm, sunny and full of beautifully coloured leaves.
I am very excited for this upcoming three day weekend, even though it did start snowing today. gross.  Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend though!  xo, T.

ps.  this is also my 80th blog post, somehow we're getting up there guys!  Thanks to everyone whose taken a peek at all of my little adventures!


  1. Cute! I look forward to the sugar pumpkin recipe post soon!

    And the ransom note craft. Especially that one.


  2. i love captain kennedys! so much nostalgia, haha!
    and i am also on a sugar-pumpkin-roasting kick. can't. stop. must. roast. more. pumpkins.