things i love.

Happy Tuesday!  And since it happens to be Tuesday I thought I would share some of the things that I currently love, besides new blog layouts (yay!) and image tags (the only thing I can write in html.)

1.  seafoam green.

I love seafoam green, it is currently my favourite colour.  It's colourful but still calming and since there isn't a lot of this shade in Winnipeg it stands out!  I got this scarf for my birthday and have been waiting impatiently for spring to wear it!

When I was in Brazil everything was seafoam green; clothes, walls, nail polish, etc., so you can imagine my joy!  This purse is from a little shop in Sao Paolo, the eyelets are laser cut.  Yeah.

It apparently is a genetic thing.  We have a huge collection of seafoam green and turquoise objects in our house.

2.  ginger-lemon

I love spiced things and I love citrus, hence this is one of my favourite flavour combinations!  I recently made ginger-lemon cupcakes for a friends birthday and they were so good! (recipe here.)

3....rap music

shocked? Yeah I thought so.  This is more of an unexpected, secret love, probably stemming from a teenage love of Missy E. and a brief stint as a hip hop dancer.  So, for the four people that read this, now you know what I'm probably listening to while working in studio until 2 a.m.  It is the only way to survive.  I still secretly wish I had sweet hip hop moves.

So, this is what I've been listening to.  Like all weekend. 

along of course with this.  She will forever be my favourite.

I hope you have a lovely day. xo.

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  1. i really love that k.flay song!
    and your tights!