mint juleps.

Yay the first sunny weekend off! (yesterday doesn't count because I worked.)  Today finally felt like summer and it was wonderful, being outside was so warm and there was nothing particular on my list to do, except drink mint juleps.

I have had a love of mint juleps since high school.  When we read the Great Gatsby, which was my favourite book that we read in English class since it wasn't Jane Austen or a Elizabethan play.  All the glamour and drama and scandal and intrigue of the 30's , with it's odd characters and beautiful descriptions.  And they drank mint juleps.  I had no idea what a mint julep was when I first read it, except that it sounded delicious and vintage.  It was during the part when  Tom finds out that Gatsby is in love with Daisy and Jordan and Nick are awkwardly caught in the middle of it and it all explodes on a very hot day in a hotel room.  This is shortly before they all heatedly drive off and Daisy hits Myrtle Wilson (who is having a affair with Tom) by mistake with her car and George Wilson freaks out and kills Gatsby because he thinks Gatsby did it....I didn't ruin it, you need to read it, it's the best.

How can you NOT want a mint julep after all of that?  I should also note I never actually drank a mint julep until today.  Somehow it took four years of thinking about it to make that happen.

They lived up to their expectations, although they kind of look like swamp water/you are drinking an herb garden.  They are also rather strong because they are pure alcohol....more of a leisurely sipping drink.  Also my new favourite summer drink, I love mint!

Mint Juleps.

4 mint leaves torn into small pieces (I just picked out my new summer mint plant, mint juleps/mint extract/ mint everything all summer long, yay!)

1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar

2 teaspoons water

2.5 oz bourbon (which, if you are like me and don't happen to own a shot glass but instead have a large number of measuring cups, equals 1/4 C. plus a little splash)

In a small glass muddle/smash mint leaves, water and sugar.  (These are the glasses my mum convinced me were "juice glasses." Clearly they are meant for drinks made out of pure alcohol that look ridiculous in normal glasses.) Add ice and pour in bourbon. Welcome to the 1930's.  Enjoy on your front porch in the sunshine.

Have a lovely Victoria day! xo.

ps. listen to this.  I like it.

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